Living in Paris

What a joy to live in Paris! Enjoy the diversity, exhibitions, events, festivals, markets, romance, shopping, lights and life!  Paris has more than two million ‘likes’ on Facebook, which is unsurprising as it’s rich in culture and history, which lots to discover and entertainment of all kinds throughout the year.

Obviously, it is impossible to provide an exhaustive list of the attractions and advantages of living in the capital, a symbol of French culture. Everyone will find their own account, whether a passionate music buff, someone who loves to dine in the restaurants or the amateur theatre or moviegoer.

 Whether you're visiting or resident in Paris, there will always be things to do and see in the city of lights, the city most visited in the world.

The city of Paris has a population of just over 2 million or 12 million if you count the surrounding suburbs. Paris is one of Europe's most densely populated cities with relatively little green space. Each neighbourhood in Paris is a real village, and some districts are characterized by community groups, such as Barbes, where many Africans reside, or the 13th arrondissement which houses the largest Asian community in Europe. Similarly the Marais district attracts many Jews.

As in many European cities, social differences are marked in the neighbourhoods west of Paris is rather rich while the eastern districts are poorer, but there are also many inequalities within each district.

Although property prices are much lower than in London, for example, average prices are around 9,000 euros per m2 and therefore the Parisian homes are mostly made up of small apartments with one or two rooms.

Paris is a city relatively specialized, unlike London, the world centre of finance. In Paris, heritage, arts and culture are powerful economic engines, with the areas of fashion and luxury also paramount.  These have only suffered slightly in the crisis compared with other industries.