City Sports in Paris

When you live in a large city and enjoy taking part in different sports, it is not always easy to indulge in your particular passion. However, some large cities offer many opportunities for sporting activities including running or playing with your children in various play parks.  Indeed, Paris, for example, contains many gyms, fitness or bodybuilding centres, with others more focused on martial arts or yoga. You will be spoiled for choice if you are looking in yellow pages or on the internet when you see the opportunities available to you. These clubs generally offer you monthly or annual passes, which lets you choose your program based on your needs and finances.

Paris regularly organizes sporting events of all kinds. In 2013, the city of Paris has been opening new swimming pools and making renovations to others.  There is even a smartphone application which lets you find out information about the various pools in real-time! For example, the Molitor swimming pool, closed since 1989, will turn into Aquatic Complex, which will be launched in 2014. Located in Porte de la Chapelle, the space Glide Parisien (in the 18th arrondissement) offers a range of activities for family fun. You can skate in the heart of Paris on the giant ice rink in the courtyard of City Hall for the winter. If you go through the rue Léon Cladel in the 2nd district you can indulge your passion for such urban sports as skateboarding, rollerblading, etc., with dedicated tracks of up to 60 metres in length.

Finally, why not consider the streets of Paris as a huge sports field? Every day, fans of street sports practice "street workout," which means exercising in the street, on sidewalks, subway platforms, in parks or gardens. All these pastimes reinvent the Parisian landscape and use existing facilities for sport at no cost.  And if you have time to spare on Sundays, why not go to the Hippodrome de Vincennes or train for the Paris Marathon to be held on the 1st weekend of March?

As you can see, opportunities for sport in Paris are many and you will not get bored.  Whether you are a great athlete or an amateur, you practice alone or with your friends and family, you will enjoy yourself.

The Paris Marathon